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Hiroshi Yamanaka

Freelance Translator
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Professional experiences are shown in this page. However, most of the contents cannot be shown due to the confidential contacts. Please also refer to written resume.


Graduation years and majors

  • Saitama State Chichibu High School, 2002
  • Santa Rosa Junior College A.A in Music General
  • Humboldt State University B.A in Music Performance
  • National Taiwan University of Arts M.M in Music Performance

Professional Job Experiences

2009 - Web designer, software/application developer, server manager, music instructor and Japanese language instructor.
2009 - Started working as a freelance translator
Freelance translator experience for 5+ years


Major projects worked are shown below. However, those are included but not limited to the followings.


  • Windows 8 (manual, specifications, trainings)
  • Epson Book
  • IBM Windows 8 Trainings
  • IBM Products' specifications
  • IBM Marketing Trainings
  • HP Printers' specifications, manuals, and FAQs
  • HP Training materials (storage, cloud system, Supporting Windows 10 on HP Products, over 500,000 words)
  • TryMMS localization
  • Tenable Sercurity Announcement (more than 100,000 words)
  • Microsoft Visio 2009 manual
  • AppLock+ Localization
  • Azure Training Material
  • Transifex Localization
  • Synology Product Specifications and Manuals
  • QNAP Specification, Manuals, and Company news
  • Kofax Kapow 10.2 OnlineHelp
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tutorial
  • Avira Online Security
  • Norton Online Secuirty
  • Symantec Online Security
  • HotSpot VPN (online security)
  • Cyberlink Online security
  • online security system


  • Hay Group human resource management
  • Unilever
  • LIMU Company (Website and Affiliate)
  • Febreze study documents (Jp > En)
  • Pamp;G study documents (Jp > En)
  • Introduction webpages for major companies which expands to Turkey (alBaraka, ALSTOM, BAS, BNP PARIBAS, BOSCH, Cargill, City Bank, CocaCola, DHL, ERICSSON, FORD, GE, HSBC. HUAWEI, HYUNDAI, Intel, Kuveyt Turk, MAN, MANGO, Microsoft, Nestle,Pfizer, Pirelli, Schneider,Shell, Siemens, Toyota, unilever)

Human Resource

  • Uniliver educational material for their employee
  • Towers Watson training material
  • Hay Group human resource management


  • PC game, World of Tanks, Chieftain's hatch, documentaries
  • Mobile game, World of Tanks Blitz introduction video
  • PC game, World of Airplane introduction video
  • PC game, World of Warships introduction video
  • Online video, High Maintenance series


  • Bus Simulator 2015
  • Bejeweled
  • Decay The Mare
  • Detective Snoopy
  • Dragon World
  • EA Game descriptions
  • Finding Monsters
  • LikWit
  • Pro Feel Golf
  • Snoopy Dash Hill
  • Tiny Monsters
  • Table Top Racing
  • Vainglory
  • Virtual Ride 2
  • Unkilled
  • Operation Doracula
  • Reasembly
  • Rebel Galaxy
  • Wanko Shiritori
  • Mew Mew Tower2
  • World of Tanks
  • Kenshi


  • Mahindra specifications, manuals, technical instructions
  • Nimbus sorter system instruction manuals
  • Helius sorter system manuals
  • FOD device specifications
  • OSD module
  • Digital pitch gage instruments' instruction
  • Food processor instruction
  • Pasco LipstronicĀ® Control System REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM
  • Platinum In-Wall Installation Guide (Audio)
  • Platinum Series II Speaker Manual
  • Platinum Series II Safety Instruction
  • PLW215 Owner's Manual
  • Sounbars Manual
  • Castrol Oil & Gas products' specifications and instructions
  • Indusial machineries technical instructions
  • KTM Product Specifications, Manuals, Marketing Trainings
  • Fronius Product Specifications, and Manuals


  • Telecommunications deployment instructions for American military base in Japan
  • Construction procedures and instructions for Yokota military site


  • Boracay Island Hotels
  • Shangri-la hotels
  • Armani Hotel


  • Various hotels' meal menu including exiotic
  • Food alegy program for smartphone
  • Food market research translation


  • Case Management Report
  • Cataract surgery product specifications and instructions

Comic Book

  • X-MEN
  • Secret Invasion Thor
  • Wolverine
  • Avengers
  • The Uncanny X-MEN


  • Kinmen Island sightseeing and travel guide (Chinese - English - Japanese)
  • Denizli, Turkey business tourism
  • Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT) website and contents and newsletter (2012 - 2014)

Food and Health

  • LIMU Company Website
  • Shangri-la hotels meal menus

Social Media

  • MeetMe

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