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English/Japanese Translation Service

Looking for an English/Japanese translation service? Are you frustrated by inconsistent translations? YAMANAKA provides high quality, flexible, and consistent translation services.

Consistent Translations

Have you ever experience services like the following?
"After requesting some translation services to an agency, the quality, terms, and styles became inconsistent"
This is because in agencies there are many translators; therefore, it is not too much to say that there are several linguists work on the same projects. YAMANAKA works on projects independently and would not outsource for a cheap bulk translation service. If your translation requires consistency, YAMANAKA will do the best to keep things coherent.

Trustworthy Translations and Services

YAMANAKA starts working on projects only after completing and ensuring a business deal with a client. Hence, there are almost no mistakes related to order acceptance, miscommunication, and discrepant information. YAMANAKA ensures the process from confirming to delivery orders, and proceeds serivces with caution. The followings are basic process of services:

Process of ServiceTranslation Process
Request a project
Quick quotation (within an hour as max.)
Formal "order" from the client
Proceed with translation meeting deadline
Issue an invoice
Make payment
Proceed with
Spell check
Check consistencies with Bench
Final check

Additionally, using Dropbox and Google Drive as a cloud backup system, YAMANAKA ensure works to be kept safe. For blackout and natural and human-made disaster, the work environment has the secure protection measure.

Translations with Specific Terms

Are you tired of struggling the translations like, "Understandable but specific terminology is poor" and/or "wrong vocabulary"? Regardless of fields of translation, in YAMANAKA's translation, always industry specific terms are used. YAMANAKA has rich experiences that can meet clients' needs and expectations. For IT field, YAMANAKA has underwent through web/application programing and development, and also contributed to open source communities such as Debian JP project and Gnome JP project; therefore, YAMANAKA has built the specific knowledge based on a professional practice. Also, in game industry, YAMANAKA has maintained web contents which describes terms and interpretation of specific games online. Furthermore, playing the latest games to catch up current trend, YAMANAKA keeps up with this industry.

  • Computer languages conversant with: HTML/XHTML, Python, Perl, Java, C/C++, Lisp
  • Operating systems conversant with: Windows 7/8/8.1, Mac OS X 10.10, Ubuntu, Gentoo Linux、

In music field, YAMANAKA has professional and academic knowledge based on B.A and M.M degrees in music. Needless to say, if a client asks for his/her specific terminology, YAMANAKA loyally follows the instructions and requests. Also, YAMANAKA takes requests to create new glossary as well.

Translations with Affordable Price

YAMANAKA accepts cases with from industry lowest price, $0.09 per source word. Translators' portal website,, shows that the standard rate of English to Japanese translation is $0.13 and the minimum charge is $0.09.
(Refer to, Average rates charged for translations)
In addition, YAMANAKA offers various discounts for large volume and fuzzy matches for Trados. For more information regarding quotation, please don't hesitate to contact.

Wide Range of Translation Styles

Have you ever made feedbacks like the followings?
"Styles for game and comic book translations are not great"
"Make translation simple without losing/changing original meanings"

YAMANAKA has translated documents in wide range of styles, and can work on projects considering what clients need in styles. Please take a look at Resume page. From technical to game/comic book, YAMANAKA has experienced various projects requiring broad specific styles. And, of course, YAMANAKA follows clients' request for style royally. After starting a projects, customer can feel safe by requesting an sample and check the style before deadline.

Quick and Flexible Response

Are you currently having needs such as the followings?
"Would like to request quotation quick"
"Need response ASAP"
"would like to contact out of regular office hours"?

If requiring those, for inquiry, the larger the agencies are, the less responsive they become. YAMANAKA checks Emails and instant messages very often. Even if outside, those can be checked and replied by the mobile devices. If a customer lets me know of the situation, YAMANAKA will reply shortly. In many cases, within a few minutes responses can be made.

Work with High-end Environment

YAMANAKA would not hesitate to invest into the facilities used for translation projects. Industry's high-end computers with latest hardware are always ready to be used in the workplace. Therefore, even if a projects contains a several tens of GB, the machines are able to work on. There are also high-end laptop computers for off-site operation especially in holidays. That simply means that even if YAMANAKA is outside of the usual environment, still is able to translate just same efficiency as the home workplace. In addition, YAMANAKA uses leading translation software. Hardware that YAMANAKA uses are shown in the table below.

Hardware used at home
Home-built PCMac Pro Retina 15'VAIO Pro 13' Custom
OSWindows 8.1 ProMac OS X 10.10, Ubuntu 14.10, Windows 7 UltimateWindows 8 Pro
CPUIntel Core i7 4790K (4.00 GHz)Intel Core i7-4770HQ (2.2GHz)Intel Core i7-4500U (1.80 GHz)
GraphicNVIDIA GeForce GTX 980NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M (2GB GDDR5)Intel HD Graphics 4400

CAT Tools: Trados 2007/2014 (2015 pre-ordered), MemoQ, WordFast, Smartling


Contact can be made in Japanese, English, and Chinese. Please do not hesitate to contact for any inquiry.
TEL: +886-9-7800-3549, Email:, Website:
Instant Messengers: Gtalk: hiroshi2yamanaka, Skype: hiroshi2yamanaka
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